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We've Got You Covered For Every Stage of Your Life Journey

Our focus is on getting to understand our clients so we can help develop specific financial strategies which are tailored to your specific needs. As part of the planning process, we will talk you through the areas highlighted below, depending on your needs.


Transition to Retirement

In preparing for retirement there are important strategies to consider which can make a considerable difference to how you spend your retirement. This will include plans for;


  • Tax effective strategies to help increase your superannuation
  • Converting a portion of your superannuation into the right income stream structures once you reach your preservation age to maximise after tax income in your transition to retirement and in increase your retirement savings
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transition to retirement

Income During Retirement

So, when it comes to retirement, how much is enough? The answer to this question will be different for every individual and is largely dependent upon the lifestyle you aspire to in retirement.​

A sensible approach to savings and maximising the benefits of superannuation at any age is one of the keys to a comfortable retirement aside from the family home, for most Australians, superannuation over time will form their biggest asset. ​

As your retirement specialists we will take the time to assess your current financial situation, and understand your long and short term goals and objectives, giving you the necessary information and understanding for you to see the path clearly ahead.

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personal and business protection

Personal Protection and Business Protection

Life insurance can help protect you and your loved ones and business financially if something unexpected happens.

What life insurance covers

Different life insurance products are designed to protect you from different events that can occur:

  • life cover — pays a lump sum when you die
  • total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance — pays a lump sum to help with rehabilitation and living costs
  • trauma insurance — covers you if you’re diagnosed with a major illness
  • income protection insurance — pays some of your income if you can’t work due to illness or injury
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wealth creation

Wealth Creation

Considering a broad range of strategies and investment opportunities to build a solid investment portfolio. Areas we will consider will include:


  • Cash management trusts
  • Share investments
  • Insurance bonds
  • Managed investment funds
  • Property investments including mortgage trusts
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For most Australians, aside from the family home, superannuation will be their biggest asset. We can help identify the issues you need to consider and how to maximise the value of your super in the years ahead.

Which type superannuation fund is best for you? The industry is dominated by three types of super funds – industry superannuation funds, retail super funds or self-managed super funds. Each make up about a third of the industry’s overall invested monies into super, and each has its own set of features and benefits that clients can take advantage of.

Working out which one is right for you goes beyond simply looking at the various costs associated with investing your super into a complying super fund. We can as your adviser help you learn the many benefits and pitfalls associated with each type of super fund and ensure you invest your hard-earned super contributions into the most appropriate superannuation fund for you.

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